- Adopting a dog is an agreement between 2 private parties and Takara Pets does not endorse or involved in this arrangement. New owners are advised to seek professional opinion on the health of the dogs/ puppies they are going to take over.
- We do not gain any money from the adoption fee. We only help to spread the message around.


1.Fees requested by the first owner/rehomer cannot be more than S$200.
2.Never put up an adoption request, if your purpose is to find a mate (for your other dog) for breeding purposes.
3.Adoption is about helping/ to provide a homeless and/or abandoned Dog (or Dogs that may be given up due to many reasons) a new home. Adoption is not about getting your dream Dog without having to pay a single cent.
4.Please do not expect a fast answer for your request. There are just so many people in the queue, requesting for an adoption.
5.If you have any enquires about the dog/puppy you wish to adopt, kindly asked that person yourself which there will be either the first owner/rehomer email add or contact no. or both.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Amy, the singapore special!

Temperment:Playful and energetic
Contact:91598770 and xiaootonng@gmail.com

I am being forced to give up my dearest girl Amy because of an unreasonable father and unstable family conditions. My dad swears that he will abandon Amy somewhere and even threatens to kill her or send her to be put down. I love my dog very much but the only thing i can do for her now is to try my utmost to find her a good home. I know there are many dogs out there that need help but I truly hope that some kind soul can help us in our time of need. Amy was originally a stray that I rescued from a car garage. But she has the sweetest temperment and will always welcome me home with jumping around and lots of kisses. She is a lively dog and always ready to romp and play. I wouldn't never dream of seeing her bright spark diminished if she is put in a shelter. I truly hope there is some one out there that can help us.
If you are interested in adopting her or know anyone at all that can help, PLEASE PLEASE contact me!!
Thank you so much!!