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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Give them a roof! :D

What would you say if we told you we were mulling over investing in a roof for the shelter? A permanent, transparent roof that protects our dogs from the cold winds and pelting rain and yet doesn't prevent the rays of the sun from shining through?

Would you say it is a luxury that we can ill-afford?

A canvas roof is not a roof. A canvas roof is a sheet that collects water when it pours. It sags with the weight of the water, teetering precariously, sometimes giving way from the weight.

We give the bottom of the canvas a good hard shove after the rain has stopped and water comes splashing down in torrents. The wet cement floor beneath successfully becomes even wetter.

We don't know when the government will take back the land. We don't know how long, beyond the expected 4 years, we'll be staying at our current location.

But does that make the need for a proper, sturdy roof any less essential?

We take our roofs for granted. Be it a 1 bedroom studio apartment, the usual 3 to 5 room HDB flat, a condominium or terrace house, we are provided with roofs over our heads. We can easily escape from Nature's wrath whenever we please and retreat into the safety of our homes. We come out again when the rain dies down and the sun starts to peek through the grey.

Unlike us, the dogs are and will be at the shelter for most of their lives. If the shelter cannot provide a basic amenity such as protection from the rain, how ironic that it is called just that - a shelter. We believe a roof is not only necessary, it is critically so. The health of the dogs, the hygiene of the place and all the things we strive so hard to achieve would be jeopardised if we continue to languish without a proper cover for the dogs.

We got a quote from the contractor who helped put up the metal fencing you see at the shelter.

$3900 is the magic number.

Please join us in building a roof for Gentle Paws.

People always marvel at the power of community. We totally agree. One person can make a limited difference, but together we are a force. If 390 ordinary, average people like you or me donate $10 each to our Roof Fund, think of what we can do for our furkids! And if you can't afford it, no worries. The power of the community also involves the power to inspire. If you are financially tight, you can do your part by helping to spread the word. We would very much appreciate it. Your help is intangible but it goes a long way.

I have no idea how many people read this blog. But I do know that many people aren't. Most don't even know we exist. So if you could help tell them about our Roof Fund, that would mean the world to us.

If you're interested in contributing or if you simply have questions to ask, please feel free to drop us an email at farmwaylove@gmail.com with the title "Roof Fund".

They always talk about how we should bring the house down, but hey, now's the time to put a roof up! With your help, we know it is possible. We are awaiting responses with our fingers tightly crossed. Here's to the roof and beyond!

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