- Adopting a dog is an agreement between 2 private parties and Takara Pets does not endorse or involved in this arrangement. New owners are advised to seek professional opinion on the health of the dogs/ puppies they are going to take over.
- We do not gain any money from the adoption fee. We only help to spread the message around.


1.Fees requested by the first owner/rehomer cannot be more than S$200.
2.Never put up an adoption request, if your purpose is to find a mate (for your other dog) for breeding purposes.
3.Adoption is about helping/ to provide a homeless and/or abandoned Dog (or Dogs that may be given up due to many reasons) a new home. Adoption is not about getting your dream Dog without having to pay a single cent.
4.Please do not expect a fast answer for your request. There are just so many people in the queue, requesting for an adoption.
5.If you have any enquires about the dog/puppy you wish to adopt, kindly asked that person yourself which there will be either the first owner/rehomer email add or contact no. or both.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Elfy the Ms

Name: Elfy
Age: Approx 5yo
Gender: Male
Temperament: Sweet personality but dominant (not aggressive tho)
Not sterilized. Health checked done heartworm tested negative.
He had done teeth scaling and gone for vac. Healthy.

Elfy is suitable for a 1 dog family. Pls help to spread the words.

For viewing pls contact me @ 93845998 or Michelle (fosterer) @ 97862535

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Last update: 19 april 2010

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