- Adopting a dog is an agreement between 2 private parties and Takara Pets does not endorse or involved in this arrangement. New owners are advised to seek professional opinion on the health of the dogs/ puppies they are going to take over.
- We do not gain any money from the adoption fee. We only help to spread the message around.


1.Fees requested by the first owner/rehomer cannot be more than S$200.
2.Never put up an adoption request, if your purpose is to find a mate (for your other dog) for breeding purposes.
3.Adoption is about helping/ to provide a homeless and/or abandoned Dog (or Dogs that may be given up due to many reasons) a new home. Adoption is not about getting your dream Dog without having to pay a single cent.
4.Please do not expect a fast answer for your request. There are just so many people in the queue, requesting for an adoption.
5.If you have any enquires about the dog/puppy you wish to adopt, kindly asked that person yourself which there will be either the first owner/rehomer email add or contact no. or both.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Help Dimmie the GR

Please Help Dimmie?

ep‧i‧lep‧sy [uncountable]
a medical condition affecting your brain, that can make you suddenly become unconscious or unable to control your movements for a short time

Have you ever encountered any one with epilepsy? Have you encountered any dog suffering from that condition? Dimmie (since renamed Zara), a two year old golden retriever, has been afflicted with this condition all her life. Her eyes would roll back and she would convulse and thrash about, sometimes even banging herself against the walls of the room. Dimmie was a one-time shelter dog at our previous location. Because of her condition, we entrusted her to a kind fosterer. Dimmie is not well again. We sent her to the vet and it cost us a whopping $2,500. Her fosterer, a cancer patient, cannot afford to pay the bill. A volunteer at Gentle Paws has kindly paid the bill first. $2,500 at one go is a huge sum for any one to afford. We are currently desperately seeking contributions to repay the volunteer. Please contact us at farmwaylove@gmail.com if you are interested in helping us out. We will provide further details, such as the scanned copy of the bill from the vet.

If we are not there for Dimmie, who will be? It is not fair why some dogs are born with such afflictions while others get to have a home, a family, love and warmth. Please help Dimmie. She is now back at the shelter with us because her fosterer can no longer cope. You can visit her at the shelter before you decide whether or not to help out. We sincerely hope you do. Thank you.

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Last update: 21 april 2010

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